About Long Range Outfitters

Long Range Outfitters Offer Adventures to Hunt Big Game in Different Parts of Alberta.

We first focus our mission on a unique experience linked to the emotion, nature and for the search of big game. Our team consists of experienced hunters and guides allowing you to live a fulfilling and satisfying experience.

Meet our Professionals

Pierre Lefebvre
Long Range hunter

Experienced hunter for 30 years and marksmanship instructor. He is the president of Long Range Hunter and host of the Adventure Long Range show on TVA Sports and Sportsman’s Channel. Coming from a family of guides and hunters, Pierre travels across Canada to hunt big game. He is the co-owner of the Long Range Academy shooting school in addition to being the shooting columnist for ACP (Aventure Chasse et Pêche) magazine.

Armand Lapierre

Armand is a well respected and renowned professional guide and outfitter. He has successfully hunted and guided in New-Brunswick, Alberta and Northern British Columbia. His specialties are Moose, elk, whitetail deer and black bear. He is passionate about the hunt, the customer experience and the safety of our guests.

Darren Kalin
The Specialist

Darren has been a professional guide in Western Canada for over 27 years now and has also been an outifitter for over 20 years. He dedicates his life to the Forest and its diversity. He is passionate about big game hunting as well as a great lover of fishing. The customer's experience is at the heart of its approach. He does everything he can to ensure that hunters get an unparalleled experience and measures the satisfaction of these customers so that they want to come back. He developed a hunt

eric robichaud

Eric has been a professional guide and fisherman for over 25 years, as well as an experienced trapper. His life is in nature. He travels across Canada from coast to coast as a guide, fisherman and hunter. It has mainly focused for 10 years in western Canada in Alberta. His passion and dedication is at the service of clients and everyone agrees that his work and experience are greatly appreciated.

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